Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In my absensce . . . .

Since I began this, I have been adamant on doing as much as possible with my own two hands.  Although, Mike and Richard have bailed me out more than a few times in areas that I needed help!!!  My desires to complete body and paint myself have been with me for some time.  It was time to make preparations for this task.  The wedding is a mere 4 months away almost to the day!!  I have colors etc chosen and ready to purchase.  I have been stocking up on sanding disks, DA sanders, dura blocks, guns etc...  Not a short shopping list by any means.  The factory light blue is now visible and the dark blue layed on top comes off in the most peculiar way - it chips away almost like plaster.  My photography partner and I began this build around 3pm Sat and were finished by 7:30 or so.  I still have to install the filters and fans to provide ventilation, but its not far from done.  Immediately, this will make for a nice place to do my heavy sanding without filling the house with dust every time the door is opened.  I think my neighbors will mind less too!!  I got the pvc and plastic booth idea from where he documents a '63 build of a gorgeous opalescent dark blue FHC.  I spent a whopping $89 on materials!!  My partner and I documented every step, I may throw that in on the next post if anyone seems interested.  I will be hanging some long florescent tubes on the sides and front and back of the booth to make for more lighting on the interior.  This is a run to the finish, although the current, raggy pair of jeans look is kinda growing on me!  I will make as much progress as possible to have it looking good when my new bride and I pull away from the venue.  Hopefully I can get my headlights sorted out by then!!

   This is the current state of the body.  Chrome etc on the front end will be coming off by this weekend to make room for some heavy sanding and hammer n dolly / filler work.

 Here is the rear of the booth with the entrance door sealed.  I took advantage of every available inch while leaving me a path to get around the side.

I love this picture.  The light is hitting her hips just right.  One of my favorite angles of this car.  Up front you can see that my main bench is still exposed.  I made the front end of the booth modular so I can fold up the top half and still access my main tools while inside the booth.  Before spraying, I will be able to drop the door and seal it up.