Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy weekend!!!!

As tropical storm Lee came across my neck of the woods it was apparent that there would be nothing to accomplish outside . . . . . perfect!!!  I spent my whole weekend chugging away in my lair.  The garage door was open, raining and windy as hell outside, but none coming in for some reason, it was great.  I was lucky to have picked up my carbs from Mike Darby (http://darbyclassics.com/) last week and looked forward to getting them in the car.  He did an incredible job, they look like new!


I spent Friday evening getting some of this area tied up.  The vacuum reservoir was refinished and painted, as well as the surrounding areas.  The reservoir was re-seated and I spent the rest of the evening getting the carbs hooked up to each other, running the fuel line with the brass T and hanging them on the manifold. 

 Through Saturday my attention turned to getting the tank set in as I didn't have much time to play Sat.  Surprisingly, it only took 15-20 minutes to convince the tank that it needed to return home.  Removing the boot latch and the passenger side tank mount made this all a lot easier.  

 I couldn't resist dropping the air box in to see this area looking near completion.

This shows one of the inline filters.  I realized after looking at this picture that I meant to put it on the line underneath it that would put it in front of the fuel pump, I will have to fix that tonight.  Next up, achieving spark, adding fuel, and praying for some magic.


  1. It's looking like you'll have it on the road pretty soon. What's the next step?

  2. I will be de-bunking the ignition to find the source of not receiving a spark this week. I hope to have an answer by the end of the week and get to ignite some petrol this weekend!