Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's ALIVE!!!!!!

Last post I described my trouble with receiving spark.  That was quickly fixed, and the next morning I headed to the garage to try and start it for the first time.  After a few minutes deducing a couple hose clamps that needed a little "extra lovin" It was time to crank.  Nearly 5 minutes passed, with each stroke it got closer.  She would cough, and clear her throat like a giant that has just been rousted from a long . . . . . long . . . slumber.  It was clear that she wanted to run.  My friend Christian was manning the distributor, giving slight adjustments to find the sweet spot that would entice it to fire.  Remarkably, she fired right up!  It was accompanied by a plethora of smoke and smells that were . . . . less than pleasant.  26 some odd years of crud, mouse droppings, hair, carpet, and anything else 26 years of mouse colonies could shove into crevices and corners burned off rapidly.  I was elated to say the least.  My fiance video taped everything and we will get the video up, hopefully tonight.  Since the first run, I have continued to get her some run time while I preform a shake down of any other areas that need attention.  It idles out nicely and has stopped smoking so bad.  Cam cover and head gaskets are on my list (small amount of leaking) but not on the immediate one.  The clutch master cylinder was toast, so I got a new one in.  After what I had hoped was going to allow the E to move, it didn't.  Mike and Richard directed me to the slave cylinder and backed up my initial thoughts that the slave cyl could have seized in the disengaged position, making getting into any gear impossible.  I now have the slave cyl on order and will hopefully be installing it this weekend.  As pretty as it is outside, each day with out it running is a day lost.  Oct 22 is starting to look more realistic - I am so happy with the progress I've made over the past few weeks.  On other notes, I dropped my bonnet back on and  was welcomed with fully functioning lights!  I was never able to get my headlights to work.  The connection must have made better contact this time.  Oh, I also picked up a '69 tag.  I found a gentleman on ebay that is local to Mobile and stopped by his house.  He has . . . . thousands . . . . of tags.  Its pretty amazing.  $20 later, I have a pretty low number YOM tag that begins with 2- for Mobile county.  If anyone needs a period correct tag, get a hold of me and I'll direct you to Cliff, nice guy to deal with.  Now if I can just get the E on the road, I can go to the license branch and get my paperwork finalized!!!!  As a side note, does anyone else find it odd that they ask you to drive your vehicle illegally so they can see it and make it legal??

Here's the current condition of the slave cylinder.

 Look what followed me home!  After a visit to Richard's to see his E, I inevitably came home with a set of Wilwoods he had sitting aside.  These are going to really spruce it up.  I also vest a lot of interest in the ability to stop when needed.  Thanks again Richard!!!!!

'Till next time!!!!

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