Tuesday, May 1, 2012

     Truth be told ......... I have neglected this Blog.  For anyone who may be watching, I apologize - but you can lose track of MONTHS working on an E Type : )

     Since my last post, quite a bit has happened.  I have continued my body work, including an exorbitant amount of filler and sand paper.  The E got a new water pump a while back and now runs for more than 10 minutes before over heating!  It seems the success was short lived though, not long after when I was able to drive it for longer stretches my alternator froze up.  No doubt fried bearings, but I decided to preform the AC Delco Single wire 60A conversion while I was here.

     The Series 2 takes a little more prep than the Series 1 but the transition wasn't bad.  It entailed slicing a square out of the forward corner of the original bracket and running a bead across the pipe for strength.  I purchased a universal alternator arm and modified it to fit the new alternator position. Richard and Stewart assisted my wiring bypass of the factory regulator as the Delco has one built in.  All that I have left is purchasing a slightly longer belt to accommodate the new position.  

While getting after the alternator, we began talking about body work.  It came to light that the idea of having the car in color by the wedding was not going to happen unless the job was rushed and messed up.  Not something I want.  So, I will be shooting it with a blue primer this upcoming Sunday in order to have a consistent color on it for the wedding.  That'll do. 

The Nose was finally starting to come around.  There was a lot of work on this front corner, still not right in this picture - but a lot better than it was.

     I have been counting Months, days, hours and minutes with grand dreams of having it in color by the wedding (May 19th).  Alas, I have made up my mind.  We will drive it in primer until after the wedding, at which point i will be having it blasted down to metal and primed back.  This will oliviate all of those small meticulous areas I have been having such trouble with - but will also reverse everything I have done for the past months . . . . . .  Tough pill to swallow, but I feel it is for the best.

     I picked up a nice rotary buffer from Harbor Freight for a low low price of $35 and it has proven miracles on the chrome that I thought was rough beyond repair.  For now, it is time to drive it and enjoy it.  Interior, still very rough - but my right foot could care less....

Till next time.

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  1. Good luck with the interior Dave. It will all come together in the end :) My dad used to have a few E-types back in the 60s. Not a day passes without him regretting it. Hold on tight to it. Anyway, here's an article we did on the XKE: http://www.inopian.com/jaguar-e-type-xke-series-i-1961-1968-most-beautiful-car-ever-made/